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Relax more and franchise.

The hotel business isn't getting easier. The staff market seems to get worse and a lot Hoteliers are under pressure to offer cheaper prices. Away from the big cities more and more hotels are closing their doors. Are you wanting to make a change?......

Why join us?

Our young, dynamic team has a lot of experience in European Hotels. With expeirence in countries such as Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Holland, Belgium and more. We have also succesfully ran two rural hotels with this concept. While other hotels are struggling we continue to grow. So why not join us?

What we do...

We will help bring your hotel into the modern world:

  • Replace reception with our modern check in system. 

  • Offer the use of our 24 hour call center

  • Help find an alternative solution for breakfast.

  • Opertermize the rooms to ensure better cleaning.

  • You will get our free Management app

  • - We wont sign another hotel in the radius of 20km. 

  • - We will always work on new technology 


Cant find staff? We will help you operate a hotel without a reception, kitchen or bar.

Working hard for little money? Let us show you how to reduce your workload while boosting your profits

Can't keep with technology? Easy, we will be your creative side.

We have several different options that can be tailored to suit your hotel. 


40 Euros per room per month

Package includes:

  • Key box or 24 hour check in


80 Euros per room per month

How it works?

We offer to help your hotel by cutting the operational costs while boosting your profit.

- We wont sign another hotel in the radius of 20km. 

- We will always work on new technology 

What happens after applying?

After applying we will put together a plan based on your application. We will then respond within 48 Hours with an answer.