Spend less, relax more and save the planet.

At Relax Inn Hotels we want to do our part in saving the planet and to preserve a future for our children. Therefore we have taken bold steps to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint. In return all money saved is reduced from our room rates and not into our pockets.

Let us tell you how....

We only offer a towel change every second day.

Everyday millions of liters of water are used to wash towels that have only been used once. Not to mention the added use of chemicals and the amount of dirty water it produces.

We still encourage people to hang towels up and use the same towel for the remainder of your stay.

Our smart heating makes sure nothing goes to waste...
Cranking up the thermostat will cost you – and the planet: heating a room by an extra degree for a year equals 310-360kg of extra carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
Our smart thermostats are regulated to make sure the room is at a stable temperature. This in turn reduces our CO2 footprint and your room rate. In Nittel we use Geothermal heating pumps (GSHP). This extracts natural heat from the ground to avoid burning fuels.

Please note that if you open your window the heating will turn off automatically.

We clean every second day. 
Cleaning a room after only one day is a waste of energy. It uses unnecessary chemicals and electricity. Not to mention the waste of plastic bin bags. Therefore we will enter your room every second day rather than every day.

We reduce electricity.

We do our best to try and conserve energy by using light motion sensors and LED bulbs where possible.

We stopped using small bottles
Like a lot of hotels we used to purchase those small plastic soap and shampoo bottles because it was cost effective. Once we learnt what plastics was doing to our environment we decided to stop. We now use large dispensers.


Time to Spend less. while feeling better about yourself.
With prices starting at 28 Euros a night, we help you save while at the same time helping the environment.

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